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Polbridge specialises in providing services to the aviation industry. Our team have many years’ experience working with airports and aviation operators and have a unique understanding of how the sector works. This knowledge not only offers airports the assurance that their staff are safe to work in an airport environment but also allows us to provide the most tailored and responsive service possible.

Our team have been working within the industry for many years, gaining a unique insight into the occupational health needs of airports, airlines and air support organisations.

We can provide an expert, flexible and agile service, allowing you to ensure that your staff are healthy, qualified and able to perform their duties, without taking a lot of time away from work in order to attend medicals.

As a small, dedicated company, we can complete a range of medicals quickly and cost effectively. We use modern, portable equipment that allows us to operate on your own site and, because our team are experts in ADP, Health Surveillance and other medicals and audiometry, we can complete several in a short time, meaning that your staff take less time away from their work or training.

We can fit medicals around work, training or performance management breaks, so that productivity is less affected. We offer staff advice, onward referral if needed and the opportunity to re-test for free, allowing them to manage their health better and keep costs manageable.

We are also able to handle management referrals to help manage sickness absence and assist employers in complying with the law when accommodating staff with disabilities and long term health issues.

We have an occupational health physician on our team, enabling us to quickly refer complex cases and maintain a consistent and high quality service.

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